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Let us Wash, Dry & Fold Your Laundry Today! Hassle-free AND contact-free laundry service.

To provide a hassle-free AND contact-free laundry service option to its students, the University of Tampa has partnered with Tampa Laundry Company, a family-owned Tampa business known for its fresh approach to pick-up and delivery laundry services.

There is a laundry list of things to do as a college student. Unfortunately, laundry does not always fit on that list! Leave the laundry to Tampa Laundry Company. We will wash, dry, and fold your laundry, all semester long. When you sign up for the UT Student Laundry Service, you will receive your free Tampa Laundry Company laundry bag at the beginning of the semester. All you have to do is put your laundry in your TLC laundry bag and take your TLC laundry bag to the TLC Van. The TLC Van will be parked in front of the Sykes College of Business. Pick-up and delivery days to be announced soon! We will wash, dry and fold your laundry and return it to you on the next pick-up time from the TLC Van. It’s that simple!

If you don’t want to do the pick up service, you can pay the usual $2.49/lb with a 20 lb min and drop off your laundry in a bag during those same timeframes. We will also accept dry cleaning to be processed and returned on the same schedule.

If you need to cancel the service, please send your request in writing to  All refunds are subject to a $75 cancellation fee plus a proration for any weeks which have already passed at the time of the cancellation request.

*Any bag over 20 lbs will be charged at the $2.49/lb rate.

Save Time & Have Fresh Laundry at Your Doorstep 24/7!

Purchase Your Plan Today.

Spring 2023 pick-up locations

    • University of Tampa campus – by the Sykes business building
    • The Barrymore – at the front desk.


Thanks so much for signing up for Tampa Laundry Company’s UT Student Laundry Service! You are going to love leaving the laundry to TLC!

Our first UT laundry pick-up for the Spring semester is set. On campus, please bring your items in a bag with your name on it to the TLC Van parked in front of the Sykes College of Business. At the Barrymore Hotel, we pick up at the front desk. We will wash, dry, and fold your laundry and return it to you in your own TLC LaundryBag in front of the Sykes College of Business or at the Barrymore on the days listed above. The Student Laundry Service allows you one pick up/delivery per week. Any additional pick-ups will be charged at our regular rate of $2.49/lb with a 20lb minimum.

Pick Up/Delivery Days and Times

Location: TLC Van parked in front of the Sykes College of Business; The Barrymore Hotel at the front desk.

Days: See above schedule.

Due to COVID-19, all laundry orders MUST be pre-sorted prior to drop-off. All orders will be washed as they are delivered to us. If you have concerns about items being laundered together, please sort laundry into separate bags, place those bags into your TLC laundry bag and we will wash the items together as delivered. This effort will allow us to continue to provide this service while minimizing any exposure to airborne contaminants. Our staff’s safety is our number one priority. Thank you for your cooperation in helping keep our staff, customers, and store healthy and safe.

By signing up for the TLC UT Student Laundry Service, you agree to the following: I have read and understood this policy. I understand that Tampa Laundry Company is not responsible for sorting items and that if I want items sorted, I must do so myself. I accept the responsibility that if any items are damaged or stained as a result of my sorting, I will not hold Tampa Laundry Company responsible. I am giving these items to Tampa Laundry Company in the manner that I want them washed.

In the event UT closes its campus due to COVID-19 concerns, we will either refund your semester fee pro-rata or apply it toward your laundry service in the following semester.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We look forward to seeing you soon in Tampa!