Funny Name, Serious Soap

Okay, people. Let’s please talk a little bit about stains. I mean, they haunt me. I am not a neurotic person (please don’t ask my husband if this is true), but when I see the chocolate icing, the ketchup, the salsa, the ice cream, the popsicle, I cringe. I become the helicopter mother. “Put a napkin around your neck!” “Do not get that on your clothes.” “PLEASE be careful.” Or, more recently, I have become somewhat of an exhibitionist in my “TAKE YOUR CLOTHES OFF BEFORE YOU EAT THAT.”

So, in light of Tampa Laundry Company’s grand opening, I think it fitting to discuss favorite stain removers. I will tackle one a post.

Stain Remover 1: FELS NAPTHA


I know, it sounds like a made up word. I actually love to say it, “Fels Naptha”. It makes me happy. Anyways, enough about the name of it . . what is it? It is yellow bar (looks like a bar of soap). You can find it in most laundry aisles.

My mom literally stockpiles this stuff. She swears by it. First, she soaks the clothing. Then she uses an old toothbrush (not the one that she currently uses to brush her teeth), and works the Fels Naptha into a lather on the stain.

I have tried this many times, and I have not been 100% successful with it. It might be that my mom has more patience with it than I do. It might be that she works harder at it.

My mom gives Fels Naptha a A+ on Stain Removal.

I give it a B-. Or, maybe I should say that I give myself a B- when I use it.


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