Keep Your Clothes Vibrant with These Expert Tips

What’s worse than your favorite bright colored t-shirt coming out of the dryer all dull and bland. It’s inevitable, your once bright colored t-shirt will one day come to a bland shell of the shirt that it once used to be. Although it is inevitable that your shirt will one day fade, there are many techniques to keep your clothes looking vibrant and bright for as long as possible. Our team here hates it too, so we have researched the best ways to keep your clothes bright and provide you tips here in this blog!


Vinegar? Yes, you read that right. Vinegar dissolves residue that is left on clothes from detergent, softener, and build-up. In other words, by adding a ¼ cup of distilled white vinegar to your wash before the end of the cycle will result in long-lasting, vibrant clothes! 


Turn Clothes Inside Out

By turning your clothes inside out before the wash, you avoid the frays, caused by the washing machine, on the outside of the clothing. Although this does not eliminate the problem completely, it increases the longevity of the shirts vibrant wearability.


Use Cold Water

Simply changing the water temperature to cold can reduce the inevitable fading of your favorite clothes. The rule of thumb goes: the hotter the water the quicker the fading. Due to the high temperatures causing polymers to move faster, the fibers open which results in loss of dye. Next time you don’t want to fade your electric blue shirt, make sure to wash on a cold cycle. 


Hang Dry 

Drying clothes in the dryer can cause damage to the surface fibers which provokes colors to appear dull and faded. Instead, try to hang dry your clothes. Not only does hanging your clothes increase the clothes lifespan, but also reduces the amount of wrinkles, too!

Implementing these simple tips and tricks will expand the lifespan of all your favorite clothes! No more having to try and rock your faded shirts and pants, instead rock your vibrant styles.

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