Frequently Asked Questions

Does your laundry company provide same-day service?

For same-day service, we provide the option if you drop off your laundry at our physical store. Alternatively, you can select next-day or two-day service, conveniently chosen within our app.

Can I give specific instructions regarding my laundry?

Yes, our goal is to provide complete satisfaction to all of our clients. Simply communicate your specific instructions regarding your laundry to our staff. We follow your instructions closely to ensure you get the clean and fresh laundry you desire.

Do you have coin/self service laundry?

Yes, our self-service laundromat is open 24/7 and is equipped with flat screen TVs, free wifi, air conditioning, and 16 security cameras that you can view while in the store.

What if, at the time of pickup or delivery, I am not home?

We will leave your laundry at your door for a contactless delivery process.

How do I know that you are coming for my order pickup or delivery?

By utilizing the provided link to set up your order, you will receive detailed updates throughout the entire process, from the driver’s arrival to collect your laundry to the moment your items are returned, ensuring a seamless and transparent experience.

Do you have contracts for commercial laundry/linen services?

We do not require contracts for most of our commercial laundry/linen clients. Our commitment is to provide you the best service possible so you wouldn’t think of using any other provider. Feel free to call us to discuss your specific commercial laundry needs and how we can help you.