Wedding Gown Survival Guide

Wedding day stains are fairly common, and almost anything you spill on your wedding gown will show. Here is a quick-fix guide to help you out if you find yourself in trouble. The most important thing is to have a good time and not worry about your gown after all, it is your wedding day, and there will be plenty of time to worry about your gown later. After the festivities are over, send your gown to a professional cleaner for cleaning and packaging for storage. Makeup Makeup stains can be cleaned with a dry cloth, or a cloth slightly dampened with a small amount of water. These stains are common because everyone is dressed to impress for your special day, and often others can pass makeup on

Can you launder Linen?

Linen is washable, but it can shrink if it has not been pre-shrunk by the manufacturer. Check the label before laundering. If machine washing linens, use warm water and a short, gentle cycle. Separate colors before washing. Many linens may bleed. Dry linen garments on a clothing rack or hanger. Have all pieces of your linen outfits dry-cleaned at the same time to avoid color discrepancies. When pressing, use a high temperature with a spray mist or damp cloth. If your linens have been treated with a wrinkle-resistant finish, use a lower setting on your iron. #linen #laundry #laundryservice #tampa #drycleaner #summertime

Cleaning Processes & Clothing Care

There are various processes that can be used to clean clothes. The basics are hand washing, machine washing, and dry-cleaning. Hand Washing involves soaking the item in water and detergent to gently remove soils from the fabric. This method is very restrictive and has very little or no agitation. Machine Washing garments are cleaned in a machine with water and detergent. Bleach and/or other laundry additives may be used. The garments are subjected to mechanical action by an agitator. Although there are several different cycles available on most washing machines, they are not as gentle as hand washing. Wet-Cleaning is the profession­al process of removing soils from garments and other texti

Prevent and Treat Common Summertime Stains

Your picture of paradise may include cheeseburgers, soda, ice cream, pizza, and other summertime favorites, but that picture undoubtedly doesn't include spots on your shorts and shirts. These tips will help you confront the stains of summer. For a care-free stainless summer, bring stained items to us. French Fries Treat as a grease stain, like meats. Wash in hottest water possible. Pizza This stain has a little bit of everything, including tannin and fats. Blot off excess stains and use a mild detergent. Ice Cream & Popsicles Use mild detergent. Chocolate can be especially hard to remove. Pre-treat it. Alcoholic Beverages Alcohol may damage silk or acetate and can disturb dyes

Beyond Cleaning

Many Cleaners Do More Than the Wash Here Are Some Lesser-Known Services We specialize in taking quality care of your garments, which (with today's busy lifestyle) is a relief because laundry is one less chore you want to deal with at home. The beauty of dropping your clothes off with us is how convenient it is. We do the work, and when you come back your clothes are ready to wear. But the convenience we provide doesn't end there. We also offer lesser-known services that many customers may not have noticed or given much thought to before. Here are a few of the extras a we can provide: Wedding Gowns We can package these precious possessions for a sentimental keepsake or for future use. Th

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