Funny Name, Serious Soap

Okay, people. Let’s please talk a little bit about stains. I mean, they haunt me. I am not a neurotic person (please don’t ask my husband if this is true), but when I see the chocolate icing, the ketchup, the salsa, the ice cream, the popsicle, I cringe. I become the helicopter mother. “Put a napkin around your neck!” “Do not get that on your clothes.” “PLEASE be careful.” Or, more recently, I have become somewhat of an exhibitionist in my “TAKE YOUR CLOTHES OFF BEFORE YOU EAT THAT.” So, in light of Tampa Laundry Company’s grand opening, I think it fitting to discuss favorite stain removers. I will tackle one a post. Stain Remover 1: FELS NAPTHA I know, it sounds like a made up word.

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Thanks for cruising by Tampa Laundry Company and our blog, "Air Your Dirty Laundry!" The purpose of this blog is create a forum to discuss all things laundry related - you know, things like stubborn stains, tips and tricks to doing laundry, ways to make your laundry routine easier, as well as things that we like here at Tampa Laundry Company - tips for making our busy lives easier - things like life hacks, how to keep organized, how to run an efficient house. You know, Household Nirvana, if there is such a thing. Also, please feel free to drop us a note and let us know if there is something you'd like to discuss. We are lifelong Tampa residents and love our city and our neighbors, so here'

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